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ONICECTOMY was born at the end of 2007 from an idea of the 2 founder members Valerio and Giovanni (Brutaljohn), respectively guitarist and drummer: friends since long time, they decide to start up a band with whom try to propose that sound born into the 90’s in the USA and mostly known as DEATH METAL. The first period passed trying to stabilise a line – up with whom starting to realize the musical project: the first results arrive in March 2008 when Klaudio –bass player- and Savino – Vocals- officially joined the band.
There’s a lot of work to do, so the band started to grind riffs and in the summer of the same year the band has all the stuff for the first work ready; Between August and September 2008 the band enter the SOUND CUBED STUDIO in Bari to record their first EP named “MANIACAL EPIDEMY”. The band decide to produce this work by itself, and organise some gigs in Southern-Central Italy to promote it: this wonderful year ends with the short but intense SPREADING INFECTIVE BRUTALITY sharing the stage with our friends TOOLS OF TORTURE.
2009 starts with a little but so important news: Angelo, skilled guitarist from Engorgement In Veins (R.I.P.), joins the combo: his experience and his technique radically modify Onicectomy’s sound, passing from an elemental songwriting and a very raw and empty sound to a more articulated and thoughtful writing, with faster and harmonized riffs most influenced by some of death metal masters such as Suffocation, Dying Fetus, Devourment and Cephalic Carnage.
Live activity starts in the best way, sharing the stage with bands such as Swedish Grind masters REGURGITATE, Greek grindcore band SLAVEBREED, participating at the “San Metallo Fest” and at the first edition of “LOWLANDS DEATH FEST” with some of the most important death bands in Italian underground scene; the band share the stage also with the Greek bands “Show your Face” and “Overgarven” and participate to the mini-fest “HALLOWEEN IN THE CIRCLE PIT”.
2010 is the year dedicated to the writing and production of the debut album: so the band decide to concentrate his activity writing new stuff, scarifying live shows, in summer the band signs a deal with the Russian label COYOTE RECORDS who decide to produce the first Onicectomy’s full length “DROWNING FOR SALVATION”: a concept album concerning Aztec religion and its bloody sacrifices as metaphor of the subjection relationship between religion and human being. The band enter SOUND CUBED STUDIO again. In the meanwhile the band continue its live activity sharing the stage with the most important bands in the italian underground.
In june 2011 the line up changes again: Valerio and Savino leave the band due to personal and working reason, so PIERLUIGI ROTELLI is the new ONICECTOMY singer. In October 2011 DROWNING FOR SALVATION is released and the band start a massive live activity to promote its first full lenght album. At the end of 2011 Klaudio left the band for personal and working reason, so the band starts to search for
a new bass player: in February 2012 Stefano Stufano becomes the new bassist. The band continues with the promotion activity for DROWNING FOR SALVATION also abroad, so in April the band will be part of the “DEGRADING EUROPE” European tour with Italian brutal maniacs EXHUMER.


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